Our Story

In one of Bradford’s oldest surviving mills in West Yorkshire, that was once owned by Sir Titus Salt, is a room dedicated to the manufacture of quality socks.

Our mill has all the hallmarks of a building that was built almost 200 years ago, yet our sock department has all of the latest up-to-date machines that you can buy.

The machines we use are new, but our socks are designed and made like a proper sock should be. Our main socks are Men’s boot socks, mainly made from wool with some nylon to give them some extra strength. We just make a few dozen pairs of each colour combination, then move onto a different design. Most of our socks are exactly the same, just different colours.

We do have the odd different design, some are made with a cushioned foot, and we are now able to make a thinner sock for everyday use.

If you are looking for that traditional sock with the modern element of being able to throw it in the washing machine just look at our socks that are Machine Washable. If you want something really hard wearing but requires a little bit more looking after we have some of our original classic socks still available - these are listed as Hand wash.