Design your own socks

Have you ever wanted your own range of socks?

We have 20 different coloured yarns that you can choose from to make your range of socks.

Each sock is made from 3 different yarns, choose the design that you like:

1) All 3 yarns in the body of the sock are the same colour - this creates a solid coloured sock. Example 1 - 3 Yarns the same colour - Same heel and toe.

2) Two yarns in the body of the sock are one colour, the 3rd yarn is a different colour, this gives a 'marl effect' to the sock. Example 2 - 2 Yarns the same colour, 3rd Yarn different - Different heel and toe.

3) Choose 3 completely different colours to create a mix of colours, for example Red, White and Blue.

The heel and toe of the sock can be the same colour combination, or 3 different colours.