About Us

At the Bradford Sock Company we design and make our own range of socks. The yarn that we use has been tried and tested for durability and warmth. The yarn is a blend of various wools from Australia, South Africa, and South America. This unique combination of wools gives a yarn that is soft to the touch, but still strong enough to be used everyday in socks.

Sock yarns have to be strong enough for constant rubbing, yet have fibres that don't make your feet itch - unlike fibres found in most breeds from the Northern Hemisphere - these are more suited for making carpets and durable wool coats, items that aren't constantly in contact with the skin.

The yarn arrives to our mill on cone, some standard colours have already been dyed, special colours are sent to dyers in and around the Bradford area.

Once a sock has been knitted it needs to be washed, ironed and packed. All of our socks are washed at a gentle 30' on a Silk Wash. Whilst the socks are still slightly damp they are ironed on special foot shaped irons - this gives you a nicely finished product.

Each pair of socks is then finished with a band around them, and put into a polypropylene bag.